U.S. official: Ebola outbreak is ‘dire threat’ September 30, 2021 September 30, 2021 admin

Health officials are warning that a potential new outbreak of Ebola is “dire” and “worsening” and that the U.K. and the U to the U.-S.

is “very close” to a new pandemic.

The White House on Thursday issued a dire warning that the Ebola outbreak in West Africa could worsen, with a spike in deaths in the U-S.

and an uptick in cases in the West.

The U.N. and World Health Organization are also warning that Ebola could reach a global pandemic within months if it doesn’t stop.

The outbreak has been in the headlines this week because of an outbreak of the virus in the Philippines.

The disease has killed more than 11,000 people in the southern Philippines and forced some to flee to the United States.

The World Health Assembly on Wednesday issued a call for a rapid end to the epidemic.

The WHO, the U., the U s Health and Human Services and the World Bank are urging the U .

S. to take a “preventive approach” to halting the outbreak.

“Ebola is an extraordinarily dangerous and highly contagious disease,” said Anthony Fauci, the United Nations health chief.

“The U s health system needs to step up and ensure that we have a rapid response, and that our health systems are equipped to address any unexpected and unforeseen complications.”

“We need to be on the front lines,” Faucesaid.

“And we need to make sure we have the capacity to provide care and to be able to respond quickly.

And we need more robust response capabilities for people to stay at home.”

The U-K.

announced it is sending a team of health workers to the country, which has been battling the virus.

The U.A.E. has also sent a team.

The virus is thought to have been spread through contact with infected animals and people.

There are more than 10,000 known cases in West and central Africa, with 1,400 deaths, according to the World Health organization.

The current outbreak is believed to be around the same size as the one that began in Guinea in March and killed 1,865 people.

The United States has the most Ebola cases, but the U S has the least health care workers.

The country has the third-highest number of Ebola cases in history with more than 100,000.

The health experts are urging Americans to stay home from work.

They say this is necessary to avoid infection while also helping to control the spread of the disease.

“I think there’s a real danger that if the outbreak continues it could become the new normal, the new thing that everybody’s worried about,” said Dr. Joseph Sarem, a former CDC director and a fellow at the Brookings Institution think tank.