Kombucha drink can help boost your energy and energy levels September 12, 2021 September 12, 2021 admin

Drink a Kombucha tea and your body will release a powerful energy boost.

 That is what a new study has found in a study of 2,000 people who have KombuCha, a fermented tea that contains probiotics, enzymes and herbs.

“The findings provide the first evidence of a causal relationship between Kombuchea tea consumption and increased energy and fitness in people,” said lead author Michael Stokes, a lecturer in kinesiology at the University of Cambridge.

Stokes and colleagues recruited participants from a health promotion programme and asked them to drink a cup of Kombuca, a blend of kombuchas and other fermented beverages.

It contained either the probiotic Kombur, the herbal extract Komba, or the fermented tea Kombum, which contains a blend known as kombu.

Participants were asked to drink between three and seven cups of Kubucucha per week, with the last cup consumed between three months and six months after the first.

This was repeated four times over the course of the study.

The study was published in the journal BMC Medicine.

Researchers then compared the results between the groups.

They found that the people who drank more Kombukas had higher levels of energy and body fat.

That is, people who consumed more of the probiotics had a higher metabolism, which is the process by which body fat is removed from the body.

In contrast, people with a lower metabolism had a lower energy and fat metabolism.

Drinkers who consumed less of the fermented beverages also had lower energy, body fat and metabolism.

In total, the study found that people who drink more of Kumbucha had a 32% higher metabolic rate and a 37% lower metabolic rate than people who didn’t drink the beverages.

The results suggest that Kombudas could help boost the metabolism of people who are overweight and obese.

However, the researchers cautioned that the study only assessed the impact of a single fermented beverage, so it cannot be used to promote a healthy diet or exercise regime.

But the researchers said their findings could also have implications for the prevention of obesity, as the probobiotic effects are not completely explained by the tea.

A spokeswoman for Kombua said: “The research does not prove a causal link between Kumbuca consumption and a beneficial health effect.

There is no scientific evidence to suggest Kombugas cause weight gain, but they do contain ingredients that are proven to be helpful to people who consume the Kombuma tea.”

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