Pope Francis: The Pope has been doing some very important things in the past 24 hours September 2, 2021 September 2, 2021 admin

Pope Francis has said he’s received confirmation that he has a new blood test that can detect Ebola.

He has also said he has confirmed that he is healthy, and he has said that he intends to lead a global call to action on the pandemic.

Here are some of the highlights from the pope’s latest public address, which was published Tuesday on the Vatican’s website.1.

Francis: “There is no way to avoid being infected with Ebola”2.

Francis has not yet received confirmation from his doctor that he’s been diagnosed with Ebola.3.

Francis said he wants to lead the world’s call to act to contain the Ebola epidemic.4.

Francis expressed concern about the potential for a mass exodus of people from Africa.5.

Francis says he’s very hopeful that Ebola will not spread from West Africa to the US.6.

Francis urges the public not to fear and not to panic.7.

Francis called on those with knowledge of the current Ebola situation to come forward to provide information.8.

Francis thanked people for being with him during his recent visit to Mexico.9.

Francis declared a new day of prayer for the World Health Organization, the World Food Programme and other agencies.10.

Francis asked people to pray for the health of their families and for the recovery of their loved ones.11.

Francis urged those who believe they have a connection to the pandestrian disease to contact the CDC.12.

Francis told people not to be afraid.13.

Francis noted that a new global initiative called #EbolaPacts has been created to work together to contain and control the epidemic.14.

Francis encouraged the World Economic Forum to provide the World Bank with a dedicated Ebola fund.15.

Francis reminded people that Ebola can kill, but it does not have to.