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Health and fitness coach Gary MacNeil says the only one who can help you with your health issues is you.

Key points:MacNeil, a Brisbane-based health coach, says you should never try to be everything to everyoneWhen he was younger, MacNeil said he was the only person he knew with a full time job in the fitness industryThe Brisbane-born coach says it’s the best way to build confidence and improve your healthA lot of what people say about him can be traced back to the same moment in his life when he first took up coaching.

MacNeil was living in the Brisbane suburbs when he started training.

He was working as a physical therapist and he said he loved the job and wanted to be more involved.

“I didn’t want to just be just an ordinary guy and then suddenly my life changed,” he said.

“You know you’re on a treadmill and you’re training at 8:00am, and then at 4:00pm you’re sitting in a chair with no food in the kitchen and your kids are at school.

It’s just really challenging.”

So I’m not going to be just some normal guy.

I’m going to do the best I can with my life and my circumstances and that’s what I’ve done my whole life.

“The former athlete took up the role as a health coach after his wife passed away from pancreatic cancer and MacNeil was devastated.”

It was hard.

It was really hard,” he says.”

The fact that I was still able to train, the fact that my wife was still alive, was really nice to me.

“MacNeil spent many years working as an athletic trainer and he’s seen it all.

But in 2016, his time in the sport was cut short when his wife, Michelle, died.

His daughter, Maddie, who is also a fitness coach, took over his position.”

She was incredibly kind, caring and supportive,” he recalls.”

As the family, we all kind of got to the point where we could no longer work in the same place.

So we started doing it ourselves.

“In his first year on the job, MacNeill says his team-mates got to know him.”

We were all really supportive, we got to see a lot of our mates who were in the field and just really helped us in whatever way we could,” he explained.”

Maddie was really instrumental in that.

“The first stepMacNeil says he has been taking to improve his health has been to seek help for mental health.”

There’s a lot to it, there’s a big difference between being a good person and being a healthy person,” he explains.”

And if you’re a good, happy person and you are going to have good, healthy, strong relationships with people, then that’s really important.

“In terms of being in a relationship with somebody, that’s a really good thing to be in a positive relationship with.”

MacNeill is now looking to expand his practice.

“My practice is now being very much geared towards the physical activity and I am really into running and weight training,” he tells ABC Brisbane.

“When you’re running or doing weight training you want to do it for long periods of time.”

With the right coaching you can really get there.

“MacNeys’ approach to coaching is different to most other health coaches.”

What I like to do is I’m more of a coach than a trainer, I’m a coach of my own journey,” he told ABC Brisbane, adding that the reason why he decided to focus on health is because it was the most important thing in his eyes.”

A lot people will have a relationship in life with their family and they’re in relationships where you’re working and you can’t have time to think about what you’re doing with your family or you’re going to get into trouble.

“That’s not how I like it.”

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