Apple Health is now offering ‘Optimal Health’ service August 15, 2021 August 15, 2021 admin

Apple Health and the Optimal Health app will now offer a service called “Optimal” that allows users to track their daily nutrition and health, Apple said.

Apple Health’s service will allow users to set their nutrition goals and compare them to others’ health goals and daily goals, according to a statement.

Users can log in to their Apple Health account and then select the Optimum Health app from the menu bar.

Users can then add an Optimum goal and enter the daily goal value.

Once they have entered the daily value, the app will track the amount of calories burned and the daily calorie goals.

Apple has been expanding its offerings for health monitoring over the past several years, with Apple Health’s Health app for iOS and HealthKit for Android offering health monitoring for some apps.

Apple Health also has an Apple Health app that lets users track their exercise and exercise-related health factors, which is available for iOS devices and for the Apple Watch.