How to help Buckeye Health Plan with the Affordable Care Act crisis August 7, 2021 August 7, 2021 admin

OhioHealth is seeking ways to help the Buckeye health care plan out with the ACA crisis, the state’s health department said Monday.

The agency, which oversees Medicaid, said it’s working with the insurer to make sure the plan can manage the impact of the new law.

In a letter sent Monday to OhioHealth Chief Financial Officer John Haney, the department said it was working with its insurance broker to find ways to increase the insurer’s reimbursement rate and reduce the costs of the cost-sharing payments, which are paid out to low-income Ohioans.

“OhioHealth is aware of the recent announcement that OhioHealth will be paying out a significant portion of its costs to insurance providers, which is an issue that may have impacted enrollment for the first few days of the health care exchange,” the letter said.

“We are also working with our insurance broker, who is in the process of identifying ways to mitigate the impact on enrollment.”

OhioHealth has been under fire for its enrollment.

The insurer was one of three insurers to announce it was dropping OhioHealth plans for a few days last week, citing “unprecedented” demand.

OhioHealth also announced plans to pull out of some of its plans and stop selling individual policies, which were popular among younger customers and have the advantage of higher deductibles and lower co-pays.

OhioHealth says it will offer subsidies for low- to moderate-income residents, while OhioHealth also says it is working with some insurers to lower premiums for some customers.

The insurer is still planning to open up its plans for some of the exchange’s lowest-income customers to make it easier to get into the exchange, but it won’t offer those plans to the most needy.