New York City’s ‘Parsley for Health Equity’ is ‘a success story’ July 24, 2021 July 24, 2021 admin

New York’s “Parsleys for Health Equality” initiative has made a significant difference for health equity in the city, a group of advocates told the New York Times in an editorial this week.

They wrote that the initiative is helping to bring some of the city’s “stigma and inequity” to the forefront.

It’s the first year of the program, which began in March, and the Times noted that the program is seeing some “increased awareness and participation among the public.”

They said it’s been “a tremendous success story.”

The program has seen “increase in support, both positive and negative,” the Times wrote.

The group, which has a membership of about 600 people, has set up a hotline, a website and an email list that’s used to reach out to those who need support.

The program also runs a monthly food drive and has a partnership with a local nonprofit that helps people pay for food in the community.

The New York Post’s Emily Paz reported this week that the city has been doing “quite a bit of work” to “reduce disparities” and has seen a decrease in the use of prescription drugs among people with HIV/AIDS.

It was a major accomplishment for the city to do that, the Times said, adding that the number of prescriptions for opiates dropped from about 3,400 in February to less than 400 this week, a big drop.

The paper also reported that the Times reported that there was an increase in the number who are using drugs in New York in February compared to January.

It also noted that there were fewer people using cocaine in New Yorkers than there were in January.

The city, which already has the highest rate of HIV infection in the country, is also seeing a decrease of people using heroin, the paper reported.