Hospital is testing new antibiotic for infection with a ‘new strain’ July 24, 2021 July 24, 2021 admin

The Health Department has begun testing a new antibiotic developed by a pharmaceutical company to fight a strain of coronavirus that is resistant to existing drugs.

Key points:A drug company has developed a novel compound that is expected to help treat a new strain of the coronaviruses coronavira and coxsackie The coronaviral strain was first detected in February and has spread to about 100,000 people It is believed to be the first known coronavirotic strain that is not currently controlled by existing treatmentsIt will be tested in two locations: the Melbourne Hospital and a Health Sciences Centre in QueenslandHealth said a drug company is developing the drug to treat the coronovirus and the new strain.

“We have been working with a pharmaceutical partner to develop the novel antibiotic,” a spokesperson for the department said.

“The drug will be administered at the Melbourne hospital, where it is expected that it will be safe and effective.”

It is expected the drug will also be administered to patients in the Brisbane and Melbourne CBDs.

“A new strain has been identified and it is being tested at our Health Sciences centres to ensure it is safe and is effective against this new coronavirec virus strain.”

The coronivirus outbreak began in February last year and has infected more than 100,00 people worldwide.

“Since the start of the outbreak, the Queensland Health Department’s infectious diseases team has been investigating a range of coroniviral drugs and testing all known novel coronaviru strains in order to identify the most appropriate ones to develop as soon as possible,” the spokesperson said.

The department is currently assessing a number of potential coronavirdis to see if they will be able to be given to people in the future.

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