AUSTRALIAN health system to receive $20 billion over five years July 17, 2021 July 17, 2021 admin

The Commonwealth Government has committed to a $20-billion package of financial assistance for health systems across the country.

Health Minister Kate Ellis says the funding is needed to help ensure the nation’s primary care system can remain sustainable and the country’s emergency services are well prepared for future pandemics.

“Our focus has been on the Commonwealth Government providing funding to provide the primary care community and hospitals with the capability to respond to the pandemic and to maintain health systems and facilities,” Ms Ellis said.

“We have been able to do that through the Commonwealth Health Fund and the Health Services Union.”

What we are able to provide is a $15-billion commitment for primary care and the Commonwealth’s other health programs, and a commitment for those health programs to continue to operate.

“Ms Ellis said the Government was committed to helping the primary health system as well as the tertiary health system.”

So the focus is on ensuring that primary care stays in the Commonwealth,” she said.

Ms Ellis says Australia’s primary health systems are highly fragmented and are in urgent need of greater support.”

They need to be better coordinated across the health system and we need to help them to do so,” she explained.”

That’s why we’re investing in our primary care systems and we’re making sure that they’re doing that.

“Ms Scott says it’s important to remember the Government is working with the community in its efforts to ensure the system can cope with a pandemic.”

This funding is really about the primary community and the tertiaries are just part of the response, but the whole health system is going to need this funding as well,” she told RN Breakfast.”

Primary care is going through a tough time, but we’re working hard at it.

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