How to avoid getting sick in the public health emergency July 12, 2021 July 12, 2021 admin

OREGON — Public health officials say they will be putting the finishing touches on the Oregon Health Plan’s emergency plan in an effort to speed up care for people who were hurt during a public health disaster.

Health officials say Oregon Health will be sending in volunteers to help the state’s emergency workers cope with the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic.

The state says it will be using the public’s generosity to help them deal with the challenges of the pandemic and provide needed resources to Oregon’s communities.

The emergency plan will be completed and released by the end of the week, the state said Thursday.

The plan, released Thursday afternoon, includes plans for more than 100 community health centers, community-based providers and other health care workers to help people with health problems or injuries get care.

Officials say they hope the resources will help people get back to work.

The public health system has a $100 million emergency reserve and will be paying about $30 million in additional funds to the state through the end September.

Oregon Health said the state has about $8 million in emergency funds, with another $10 million coming from a private fund.