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How to make the most of the new coronaviral outbreak?

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The Indian government has been grappling with a massive public health emergency in the run up to the coronas, which began on March 1 and has since killed over 2,000 people.

The Indian health ministry has put out the first guidelines to protect the country from the virus, and has ordered the deployment of 1.5 million additional health workers to ensure that the country does not get caught up in the pandemic.

The latest data on the number of new cases in India, however, suggests that the number has actually declined.

The number of cases has increased from 1,749,500 on March 31 to 1,704,800 on May 4, a decrease of 6.5 percent, according to data from the National Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (NCDC).

The data indicates that India has been in the clear of the pandemics since March, with the number falling from 1.4 million new cases on March to 1.3 million on May 1.

In the first six weeks of May, the number decreased from 2,086,600 to 1 at a rate of 0.4 percent.

The country recorded an unprecedented drop in cases in the last few days of May as the virus was being spread through air travel and food.

In a bid to prevent the spread of the corona to India, the government has ordered additional health facilities for the entire country, including hospitals, primary health centers and nursing homes.

But the country’s public health response has been uneven, with hospitals struggling to cope with a growing number of patients, according in a report from the Centre for Policy Research (CPIR) last week.

The Indian healthcare system is in the midst of a crisis, with a lack of capacity, a lack in staff, and poor quality, according the report.

The National Health Council, an advisory body for the government, has urged the government to improve healthcare infrastructure and ensure that adequate resources are available for all citizens.

“The Indian medical system is severely understaffed, and in need of a lot of funds.

The situation is not sustainable,” a government official told the Times of India, adding that the government needs to take measures to improve the health of its citizens.

“The lack of a robust, robust medical system has led to a huge number of deaths and an enormous number of hospitalizations,” the official said.

The report also notes that India’s primary health system is understaffing, with doctors not being trained and hospitals being understaff, as well as a shortage of medicines.

“Many doctors have been asked to take on the post of ‘primary doctor’ and their workload has been increasing,” the report says.

Health Minister Shashi Tharoor said on May 3 that the situation has worsened and said that India needs to build a new primary health care system.

The minister’s remarks came after the death toll from the coronacosis pandemic reached nearly 3,000 and was expected to increase.

India is the fifth-most populous country in the world and has the largest population in the country.

It has the third-largest economy in the developed world, after China and the United States.