When the Colorado state health care law will go into effect. June 5, 2021 June 5, 2021 admin

DENVER (AP) The Obama administration on Thursday is expected to announce the next version of the landmark Colorado health care bill, a major win for Republicans who pushed for the repeal and replaced with their own version after losing the state’s governor’s race in November.

The move comes as the U.S. Supreme Court weighs whether to hear the state of Colorado’s challenge to the 2010 law that was approved by voters in a closely watched election.

The Supreme Court is expected in the coming weeks to rule on the case, which the GOP has called the most important health care case since the Affordable Care Act.

Republican Governor John Hickenlooper has said he will sign the legislation, although he said Thursday he won’t be making a formal announcement.

He also said the state will keep up its campaign to repeal the law and to block its implementation in the states that did so, even if that means spending millions of dollars on legal defense.

Colorado Republicans have argued that the law was intended to prevent future Republican governors from doing the same thing by allowing insurers to charge older adults and people with pre-existing conditions more for coverage.

The repeal law was passed in 2010, and was the signature piece of President Barack Obama’s health care plan.

It also included tax credits to encourage people to sign up for health insurance.

Hickenloopers predecessor, John Hodge, vetoed the bill and sued the Obama administration to stop it.

In his lawsuit, Hickenlosers lawyers argued that Colorado’s health law was not an exception to federal law that could be changed.

He said it would have allowed states to adopt their own health care system without congressional approval.

The Obama administration said it will not be making an official announcement about the legislation.

The administration did not respond to requests for comment on the lawsuit.