India to offer Aadhaar to all public health jobs May 26, 2021 May 26, 2021 admin

India is set to roll out Aadhaar-based public health and health-related services to all employees of public health departments.

The Public Health Ministry has asked its public sector banks to make Aadhaar mandatory for all public sector employees and government officials, and has given the nod to the private sector to use the new system for its public health operations.

According to an official statement issued on Wednesday, Aadhaar has been identified as a “key feature” in the government’s vision for the future of health.

The statement said that the Aadhaar-enabled electronic system would enable public health employees to record their health- related data in the system and use this data for various purposes, including reporting on the condition of public areas, patient safety, outbreak control, and surveillance.

According the statement, Aadhaar will be an integral part of the Indian public health system, and the government would use it to track all aspects of public safety.

The government is also planning to introduce Aadhaar for all government departments and public employees in January 2019, it said.

The move comes as the government is facing a growing number of health challenges.

The National Advisory Council of Medical Centres (NCMC) and National Health Laboratories (NHMLs) are also planning mandatory Aadhaar enrolment, which could be implemented by March 2019, and will enable all healthcare providers to have a centralised system to track their enrolment status and enrolment progress.