How a hospital in St. John’s became a skin care clinic May 26, 2021 May 26, 2021 admin

A hospital in a St. Catharines suburb has been the site of a skin-care clinic since 2011.

Now the St. Johns River Health Authority is closing the facility.

“This is an institution that is synonymous with St. Joan,” St. Joe’s Health Minister Ron Schafer said Thursday.

“The health of the community is our highest priority.”

Schafer announced the closure at the annual community health and wellness summit in St-Johns.

The hospital opened in 2009 as a dermatology clinic.

It has a reputation as one of the busiest in the province.

The facility, located on a former rail yard, had a patient population of over 100,000 and treated more than 100,00 patients in 2014-15, according to the health authority.

A spokesman for the St John’s Health Authority declined to comment Thursday on whether the facility would close.

Health Authority spokeswoman Kristin Farr said the facility has a long history of excellence and patients continue to come from all walks of life.

“I know the community and the patients are extremely excited to be able to say they’ve been here,” she said.

A hospital spokeswoman declined to confirm or deny the closure but said the hospital is closing for maintenance.

A few hours before the hospital closed, a small memorial was posted on the hospital’s Facebook page.

The message said the memorial was in honor of those who have died, but didn’t elaborate.

Schafer acknowledged the hospital has “been a leader in the skin care sector for a long time.”

He said the health authorities plan to hire a consultant to design and build a new skin-caring facility in the area.