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Denver, Colorado – February 15, 2020The state of Colorado recorded the second-highest rate of COVID deaths of any state in 2016, with nearly 1,200 reported cases, according to the latest figures from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The Colorado state death rate is currently the highest in the nation.

The coronavirus pandemic in Colorado has brought with it unprecedented social, economic and political upheaval.

In Colorado, voters on Tuesday elected a new governor who has vowed to reverse many of the state’s policies, and his administration has pushed for new restrictions on public gatherings and travel, as well as for tighter controls on the construction of public housing.

While the pandemic has left its mark on many aspects of Colorado, the state has also seen a marked change in its healthcare system.

As a result, the number of people with insurance through the Affordable Care Act has increased significantly in Colorado, as the number seeking treatment in the state continues to climb.

With COVID’s resurgence, the Denver-based nonprofit Colorado Healthcare Access has been leading the charge to expand access to healthcare for those most in need.

As part of the plan, the nonprofit will be holding a public hearing on Wednesday, March 1 to discuss the challenges facing COVID patients.

The group is calling on lawmakers to pass a “coverage for all” bill, which would allow anyone with insurance to obtain healthcare services from a healthcare provider, regardless of their income level.

It would also require insurers to provide coverage to those with preexisting conditions.

The bill is scheduled to be voted on in the Senate on Tuesday.

“Colorado has experienced a dramatic increase in COVID cases in recent months, with the number increasing by nearly 300 percent in just a few short months,” said David Wojcik, co-chair of the nonprofit Colorado Care Alliance.

“We need to ensure that every resident in Colorado who has COVID care has access to the health care that they need and deserve.

The current COVID coverage law in Colorado is inadequate and not affordable, and we cannot let it go unchallenged.”

The bill, known as the COVID Prevention Act, would also provide tax credits to insurance providers and other healthcare providers, and increase funding to help with COVID treatment and treatment costs for the uninsured.

The state currently provides healthcare assistance to about 3.5 million people, but according to state estimates, about 7.7 million people are eligible for help with healthcare expenses.

The bill is expected to pass both the Senate and the House of Representatives.

The Colorado Health and Human Services Department has said it will begin to ramp up COVID testing, including using blood tests for COVID, as early as this week.

The department has also said it is actively contacting healthcare providers to ensure they are on the right track.

Colorado is also taking the lead on the issue of the Affordable Health Care Act.

The law, which was signed by President Donald Trump in January, has been a boon for Colorado.

The state has expanded Medicaid under the Affordable Healthcare Act, providing more coverage to more people.

The cost of COLLD testing and treatment has been significantly reduced as well, as COVID costs are much more manageable, the Colorado Health Department says.

The COVID vaccine is available at the following pharmacies:The Colorado Department of Health and Environment has also started accepting applications for the COLLID vaccine through its website.

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